Eagle One Debt Solutions assisted me in negotiating a 70% settlement of my credit card debt, which included numerous disputed extra fees and charges. It is such a relief to have this account settled, paid off, and closed!

Brian F.

Thanks to their settlement techniques or whatever other means they have we were able to get rid of all our credit card debt which was close to $65,000. We are debt free in less than 27 months!

Debt Settlement Help

Debt Settlement Help

Debt Settlement Help

debt settlement help

With the fast moving economy people are getting into debt easily and are being unable to come out of it. To meet the various requirements and luxuries of life they take huge amounts of loan and thereafter find themselves in a position of not being able to pay those off easily. They encounter this problem mainly because of the system of credit cards. As we are using a card and not cash we do not understand the amount we are spending at a particular time. This is the time when a person gets debt struck and needs debt settlement help.

Debt settlement help is nothing but being able to negotiate with the creditor regarding the debt amount. It is an aggressive approach towards settlement of one’s debt. When a person has accumulated almost the entire principle amount of paying off the debt, the creditor demands the interest rate as well. This is the time when the debtor looks for debt settlement. But one should remember this, that debt settlement always takes place on the principle amount and not the interest rate of the loan. This is not a very expensive way but this does not work with all the debtors.

Debt settlement help involves dealing with the creditor on behalf of the debtor on the loan amount. Negotiating with the creditor successfully requires expertise. Debt settlement is not an easy task to accomplish. One should be very careful while hiring any company for the debt settlement .The company should offer solutions like debt consolidation, credit counselling and asset liquidation for debt settlement. This process is generally undertaken for solving credit card debt problems. When a person accumulates a huge amount of interest on the credit card, then he resorts to speak to the credit card company for lowering the interest rate in order to be able to settle the debt. The company in turn often gives consideration to the cases that are in a state to resolve to bankruptcy, and lower the interest rates for them only.

A debt settlement programme helps a person to resolve various kinds of financial issues which may result due to causes like loss of job, death, divorce, lowering of salary and many such cases. A debt settlement company takes into consideration such factors and helps the debtor to settle the debt and stay away from facing financial embarrassment.

Help Debt Relief

Help Debt Relief

Help Debt Relief

help debt relief

Debt refers to the liability that a person faces when he or she borrows an amount and are unable to pay it. Once a person becomes a debtor he tries his level best to repay back the loan on time. He is motivated and inspired all throughout to pay back the loan to get rid of the debt. Sometimes a person gets caught up in the spiral of debt so firmly that he feels unable to come out of it. He does not understand what to do and feels trapped as and when the days pass by.

In such a situation a person opts for debt relief. There are certain financial institutions that have come up today to help debt relief. Seeing the scenario that the economy is facing these days these debt relief companies have come up in large numbers to help the people pay back the debt on time. People are so busy working these days that they do not have the time to think about the solution for repayment of debt. These institutions with their expertise and knowledge of various companies help to offer solution to various debt related problems.

Improper financial and credit management are the main causes of getting stuck up with debt problems. Debt relief companies offer solutions to these problems. Lot of good companies have come up to help debt relief at a very low cost. Before a person files for bankruptcy, he must consult a debt relief company which might help him to get out of debt related problems. They offer help like credit card debt settlement at a low cost which puts the person in a comfortable financial position. The debtor is thus able to pay off the debt and get adequate relief.

Debt relief can also be offered by credit counselling or by credit consolidation. Credit counselling is nothing but helping the person pay off the debt by decreasing the rate of interest and by credit consolidation the loans with higher interest rates are consolidated and paid off first than the ones with lower interest rates. These methods are nothing but proper credit management which helps a person stay out of collection calls and save upon embarrassment. Help debt relief is a big thing these days as people easily get into the trap of debt but are unable to come out of it easily.

About debt relief counseling

Debt relief counseling

Debt relief counseling

debt relief counseling
You should be well acquainted, in the current times, with the debt relief counseling. If you are finding yourself burdened with more credit card debt then you should take help of the companies which can give you more help in solving your debt problems. Debt settlement is completely, logical, ethical and legal method in getting rid of various debts. With the help of this you can easily eliminate your debts. In debt relief counseling you will get advice on how you should reduce your credit card bills. In fact, you will not have to worry about making huge sums to the bank. In case you are over your limit then such counseling can help you to lessen your expenditures.

Such counseling is usually based on the system of negotiation. If you want to get a settlement you should look for appropriate organizations. You can find several firms with the help of internet which offer relief services to their clients. You should compare the services provided by different firms and hence should choose the right one for you. As far as financial matters, like debts, are concerned you need the help from skilled and knowledgeable financial advisers. There are various debt relief options available and some of them are given below:

(1) Debt Negotiation:

Debt negotiation can help you a lot in reduction of the debt burden on you. You should take proper advice from the professional advisers of the company dealing with debt relief counseling before going into negotiation.

(2) Debt Reduction Assistance:

If you want to get rid of debt then you certainly need help from financial experts. These financial planners generally have specialization in budget management system and in formation of planning on how to get out of debt and hence assist you in debt reduction.

In fact, there are various others debt relief options available which are very helpful to you. There are various websites which give complete details on the debt relief counseling, debt relief programs, debt relief services, etc. Hence, you can go through such websites for getting adequate knowledge on such counseling systems.

Debt Consolidator

Debt consolidator

Debt Consolidator

debt consolidator
Debt consolidation refers to taking a single and manageable loan to get rid of other loans. It provides the convenience of servicing only for one loan having low rate of interest. It can combine various unsecured debts from credit cards to individual and scholar loans. These loans are residence equity loans in concealing outfit, used for equity built up and to reimburse our unsecured amount outstanding. When the person is bankrupt, the debt consolidator can avail the loan with a discount. Bankruptcy affects the paying capacity of the person to dispose off his debts. There is no prepayment penalty which helps clients to pay more than the minimum required amount. It is ideal for obtaining low interest rates fast without a loan. It can be managed easily with the help of the money lenders.

There are many competent and experienced money lenders who provide debt consolidation loans to people. These loans are secured against our property which helps the money lenders to provide a greater capacity of loan. The debtor is required to pay only one smaller monthly installment which increases their ability to enjoy life as they pay off their debt much more possible. The unsecured loans and refinance mortgage can make a difference in our lifestyle and finances. The loan rates depend upon our circumstances. The interest has to be paid back along with the principal. The secure loans have higher loan amount, lesser interest rates, easier installments and long period for repayment. It helps people in their financial hardships. We must pay as much as possible to get out of our debt faster. The best way to do this is making a budget for us. This will stop our non productive spending.

The debt consolidator helps by reducing the quantity of the loan. A careful debtor looks for people who invest in various needs. The capability of the debtor is affected by consolidation to release their debts and evaluate them cautiously. Debt consolidation plans are repayment programs which includes individual loans, unsecured loans and credit card loans. We have to decide our financial records. The money lenders get in touch to discuss compensation terms and figure monthly payment when we register with them. They make use of the equity and reimburse our entire unsecured amount outstanding. It is one of the best ways to get rid of our debts and lead a debt free and happy life.

Debt Advice

Debt advice

Debt Advice

debt advice
Many of us are confronted with a major problem of debt. Due to debts or loans of any kind most people are facing problems in their day to day life like they are being cut off from the advantages of retirement programs, their jobs are in the scary position, and piled up with loads of unpaid bills and many other debts, they also not get another loan to repay their existing loans. If somehow you qualify yourself for a loan then the bank will withdraw their decision to provide you a loan because they don’t desire to bear the risk again for you in such financial conditions. So, it becomes very necessary to take some debt advice from an expert financial advisor.

No matter for what reason you need a loan whether you require a loan to pay off your college fees, or to purchase a vehicle, or to finance your house, so for all these situations debt are likely to be the quick means to a small term end. For some people it becomes really very difficult to go for any long term loan because if they go for any short term loan then they will be able to keep their worries behind. But if you opt for the long term debts then definitely you will end up in the shape that you have ever envisioned.
Nowadays, for any financial assistance or for any debt advice people take help of some financial experts. But you should always take help from some reputed service provider like from Customer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS). They offer perfect debt advice to their clients and CCCS have estimated that about 51 percentages of people are increased who seek advice for their debts since 2007.

Moreover, people those who select short term tenure to pay off their debts faces some problems. In short term tenure the monthly installments are huge and may be the EMIs outflow increases as the month roll by. On the other hand long term tenure is only opted by the people those who desire to increase the loan eligibility, and one drawback of long term tenure is that longer the loan tenure is greater the cost of borrowing will be. So, it is always better to opt the middle path to pay off your debts that is to select the 8-10 years tenure because this tenure is proved to be the perfect as in this tenure you can repay your debts without any hassle to get out of your debts.

Managing debt





Debt is one of the biggest worries for most people throughout the world. The qualified professionals have solutions to help us in getting free from debts forever. These professionals help merge all our loans into a single loan. The more efficient professionals can also help in reducing the principal amount of money borrowed from the creditors. Neither debt management nor debt consolidation but debt elimination can help people to take back their lives. The process is ethical and legal. The high interest rate on a credit card balance makes it difficult for people to pay down their debt. The simplified process today is helping many people in getting out of debt.

To get rid of our debts, we must firstly list each of our credit cards, including the outstanding balance, minimum payment and interest rate. This information can be found on our monthly statement. Then we should total the minimum payments. The total minimum monthly payment or more is required to be paid in order to repay the debt quickly. This process must be repeated until all cards are paid off. Many debts are settled with this process. This process has helped many people to regain control of their life and financial freedom by wealth planning. It is not only the exit path from debt problems but a way to ensure better spending terms, better state of mind, stress free life and getting out of debt.

Minimum payments are calculated as a percentage of the outstanding balance. So our monthly payment remains constant regardless of our balance. We can call our credit card company and ask them to get our rate lowered. We should not forget to transfer the balance from a card. We should stop spending more on our credit cards. We must set up a budget to spotlight how much unnecessary spending we engage in which required to be curtailed. We can use cash rather than credit cards if possible because we often spend more when using a credit card. We must get a better rate on our existing credit card. One can use all its extra cash to debt using highest interest rate. Adjusting within our income, paying in cash, spending less and establishing a budget are very effective methods to save much amount of money and getting out of debt very quickly.

About debt relief solutions

About debt relief solutions

About debt relief solutions

debt relief solutions
If you are facing the problem of debt and are not able to make minimum payment every month while your balance only goes down a small percentage, then you can take help of debt relief solutions which will certainly prove very beneficial to you. If you want to get rid of such debts at a fraction of the cost, then you should take help of a debt relief solution. In the present times, you should have proper understanding of the aspects related to debt consolidation, debt settlement programs, debt relief solutions, etc for having a strong financial knowledge and position.

There are various companies that have specialization in debt relief programs and solutions. They are experienced in dealing with various types of creditors like banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, etc. They can become your great rescuer as they are interacting with creditors for reducing the amount of money you owe to them.

There are various debt relief solutions which you should understand properly. Some of them are given below:

(1) Debt Settlement:

For debt relief of credit card this is a violent approach. In this case you can negotiate with the company dealing with credit cards for lowering the amount you owe. In fact, in less than thirty six months the client can become debt free. Debt settlement is the least costly, efficient and fastest option available for debt relief.

(2) Credit Counseling:

This system is made for those consumers who hold high interest cards and pay over the monthly payment, and are yet worried by the high rates of interest. There is negotiation on these rates and the consumer can become debt free in near about five years.

(3) Debt Consolidation:

Credit card debt with high interest and other debts which are unsecured should be grouped by you into a loan with lower rate with payments which are easier to handle.

(4) Other Options:

There are various other options also available on debt relief solutions. You can take help of the internet to know about them and hence can choose the best one for you.

You can find various websites which give complete details on debt relief solutions. So, you can acquire great knowledge from such websites and can avail a lot of benefit.

Debt relief companies

Debt relief

Debt relief

Debt relief

debt relief
Nowadays most of the people are getting caught in debt trap. Many of us are facing some challenges or other in terms of debts such as business debt relief, medical debt relief, credit card debt relief, and any other unsecured debts. In such situations the credit card settlement and debt settlement takes priority and also nowadays there are numerous debt relief companies out there for you who will help you out from this quandary. The basic function of a debt relief company is that they aim to help you to get rid of your debts by utilizing some of their debt eradicating strategies.

There are numerous advantages to take help from a debt relief company. Firstly, if you take help of a reputed debt relief company then definitely your outstanding amount will be lowered down. These reputed debt relief companies possess strong relationships with most of the well-known creditors and also they have the full authority to negotiate with the creditors on behalf of you. Once they start negotiating with your creditors in order to lower down your outstanding amount then definitely your creditors will agree with it and the reason behind is that rather receiving nothing they will at least receive lower amount of your payment. Moreover, your creditor only agrees on such negotiation and always desire to have a deal with the person to whom they trust and know. This is where the debt relief company comes into picture.

Secondly, it is very important that you should select the correct debt relief company for your help. While selecting a debt relief company it is recommended that you should be cautious enough. Nowadays there are numerous online debt elimination companies there on internet but it is not that easy to trust them as most of them never offer you quality service that they claim. There are also numerous debt settlement companies out there and many of them are fraud companies. Always try to select the debt reduction company that offers you the desired outcomes and also they should offer you the actual debt solutions and they should also offer you debt counseling programs. On the other hand there are also some debt relief grants and debt relief programs that you can opt as well.

On the hand you should select the plan of debt relief that will cost you around 50 dollars. These were some of the things that you should keep in mind while selecting a debt relief company for you.