Eagle One Debt Solutions assisted me in negotiating a 70% settlement of my credit card debt, which included numerous disputed extra fees and charges. It is such a relief to have this account settled, paid off, and closed!


I went into the program needing to settle 5 accounts and am almost done. I had some extra money come up that allowed me to knock out a big chunk quickly, but still they have done a great job.


I’ve graduated from Eagle One’s Program. Surprisingly it was over in 22 month instead of 30 month as originally quoted. I guess they were able to reach cheaper settlements with some of my cards and subsequently use the remainder of the money for the rest of the settlements.

Brian F.

Thanks to their settlement techniques or whatever other means they have we were able to get rid of all our credit card debt which was close to $65,000. We are debt free in less than 27 months!

Robert A.

I am extremely pleased with Eagle One Debt Solutions in their handling of my unsecured debts totaling over $24,000.00. Their willingness to go the distance is what impressed me the most.