Option #3 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy exists for those who cannot afford the Creditor minimums and cannot afford the Debt Management or Debt Negotiation monthly payment. They have experienced a very severe hardship and loss of income while carrying too much debt. For these cardholders, bankruptcy is the only way and best way to quickly resolve their financial situation and Protect their assets.

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Tactical Debt Solutions: The Snowball vs. The Avalanche

The internet is full of blogging heads who are eagerly promoting the newest “debt solutions.” We at Eagle One decided to examine some of these systems, and let you know what our take is:
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The 5 Least Promising Debt Solutions of 2011

2011 promises to be a slightly better year than 2010. Keyword: SLIGHTLY. While you are out there trying to make a basic, middle-class living, look out for these financial land-mines. These are not just bad ideas…these are the types of ideas that will make your medical bills look like a walk in the park. Without any further ado, here are the worst debt solutions of 2011.

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Marital Debt Solutions

Debt solutions become increasingly harder to solve when you are not just responsible for your life…but the life of your loved ones. A lot of couples fight about debt solutions, and that is normal. It can be hard to have an authentic and loving conversation about something so touchy as debt.. [Read more…]

Hide Your Wallet, The “L” Holes Are Here

Now most of the companies who relied on ridiculous upfront fees are thankfully out of business. But there remain a few loop-holes…..or as I like to call them “L” holes.

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Deconstructing Risk

The new FTC regulations were a boon for the industry. They did the unthinkable: Forced companies to only charge if they DO THEIR JOB. Wow…what a concept. It has turned the industry upside down. At least the 95 percent of it that needed to be turned upside down. Even though the law was almost a hundred percent positive, it yielded one unfortunate side effect:

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Debt Collectors Hunt on Facebook

They are insidious…they are mean….they are debt collectors. This business attracts only some of the most persistent and intrusive individuals in this country.
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I don’t have too much credit card debt…Do I?

How much is “too much?”

This is a perennial question in life as it is in debt. I suppose if you have some rich Uncle about to kick the bucket, and devote his entire estate to you…You can be as in debt as you want to.
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Simple Solutions to Ease Your Debt Load Part 2

Today we continue our series on simple solutions to ease your debt load. Last week we went over a series of possible ideas, including saving plans, utilizing budget software (like mint), as well as switching over to credit cards that have lower interest. Today we will be going over other concepts that will help you get out, and stay out, of debt.

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Simple Solutions to Ease Your Debt Part #1

This article is not about canned advice on how to get out of debt. It is not about listing the hundred “common sense” techniques that you thought of on your own. What we would like to do within this post is explain a few debt solution strategies you may not have thought of yet. Let us know what you think.
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