Eagle One Debt Solutions assisted me in negotiating a 70% settlement of my credit card debt, which included numerous disputed extra fees and charges. It is such a relief to have this account settled, paid off, and closed!


I went into the program needing to settle 5 accounts and am almost done. I had some extra money come up that allowed me to knock out a big chunk quickly, but still they have done a great job.


I’ve graduated from Eagle One’s Program. Surprisingly it was over in 22 month instead of 30 month as originally quoted. I guess they were able to reach cheaper settlements with some of my cards and subsequently use the remainder of the money for the rest of the settlements.

Brian F.

Thanks to their settlement techniques or whatever other means they have we were able to get rid of all our credit card debt which was close to $65,000. We are debt free in less than 27 months!

Robert A.

I am extremely pleased with Eagle One Debt Solutions in their handling of my unsecured debts totaling over $24,000.00. Their willingness to go the distance is what impressed me the most.

Understanding Debt Settlement

Understanding Debt Settlement

In this day and age, a lot of people find themselves with an overwhelming amount of debt that has accumulated over the years. Unfortunately, one may not be financially stable to handle a repayment of these debts in full.  The monthly payments that include high interest rates, late fees and at times finance charges, add up to substantial amounts.  Over time, the accrued interest keeps growing on the principal and the ability to pay becomes more and more difficult while the debt keeps on growing.

Once the consumer is no longer able to meet the minimum payment requirements the account enters into a delinquent status.  Having delinquent accounts will further damage a consumer’s financial situation and especially one’s credit history.  The sky rocketing interest rates, increased minimum payments and inability to meet your payments on time will result in negative posts to the consumer’s credit report.  The previous amounts due on those accounts now becomes inflated to an astronomical amount and keeps growing every month.  That’s when the consumer really starts drowning in debt, since the interest is still accruing, late charges are piling up and the amount owed is beginning to grow to extreme proportions.  That’s when a lot of people are turning to bankruptcy as they don’t know of any other solution.  Apart from filing bankruptcy, you also have an option of consulting a professional debt settlement company.  Debt settlement companies will thoroughly analyze your financial situation, determine the monthly amount you can afford to pay and will start negotiating with your creditors in order to achieve a settlement for less than the original amount owed.

After delinquent debts begin to accumulate, many consumers are unaware of the multitude of options they have at their disposal.  Some consumers feel compelled by their initial agreement and responsibility to repay the debt, they hurt themselves financially in other areas just to cover the monthly minimum payment amount.  Most consumers think they have to pay every cent back immediately, or will face serious consequences.  However, before pulling out a second mortgage to consolidate bills, or considering filing a bankruptcy that may liquidate all assets, the consumer should be informed of all the existing solutions. Spending some time doing a little research can lead one to find options that will help alleviate financial stress.

Debt Settlement Options

Most consumers who are overwhelmed by large amounts of debt tend to do one of two things: either sacrifice in every area of their financial portfolio to repay the debt, leaving them without funds or assets of any kind. Or they simply ignore their debt, let it continue to accumulate and add up, and have creditors and debt collectors harass them continually.  None of these options is financially or emotionally healthy, for obvious reasons.  Depending on the amount of debt and all the various circumstances, both of these options might actually be the case.  However, they are definitely not appropriate for everyone.

People who have small debts that have become delinquent should try to repay in full in a short period of time. Repayment plans are great options, and can be accomplished in a relatively small time frame (anywhere from 2 months to 3 years), with a monthly payment amount that is both comfortable for a consumer’s financial situation and acceptable to the creditor. However, if the delinquent debt is very large, and that interest continues to accumulate, then other options should be considered.  There are several reputable debt consolidated organizations that can help with a small amount of money or you can even consult with a private financial analyst to see what can be done to get the debt consolidated.

One of the most popular options available to consumers is an option to pay the debt. This option is available for every account, regardless of whether it’s due to a creditor, debt collection agency or paid through a credit counseling agency. The debt always varies depending on the consumer and the details of the delinquent debt, but it is usually the best option for all parties involved. The consumer usually saves a substantial amount of money, possibly even some time – and the delinquent debt is repaid to a satisfactory state.

How to get out of debt?

debt settlement

The million dollar question for a person who is neck deep in debt would be to how to get out of debt. Getting caught into the vicious circle of ever amounting debt outstanding, high interest rates, late fees and endless reminders and threats by the creditors could be the nightmare for any debtor.

For a debtor who wants to get rid of his situation, there are many options available to him. The best option that would suit him would depend upon his outstanding and paying back capacity.

There are a few options available to the debtor for the approach that he would take for any kind of debt relief measure with his creditors. He can either decide to take upon the task himself to strike the best possible deal with the creditors, or he can appoint a debt settlement company to take forward his case. That apart he can also seek the advice of a debt counselors and then take the case forward either himself or via them.

The options available to a debtor for getting out a debt would include-

~ Debt settlement– where a certain part of the debt is waived off, more often on the interest rates and the late fee, and the repayment schedule is reworked according to the paying capacity of the debtor.

~ Pay offs– in this case a lump sum amount is paid by the debtor to the creditor to wipe his debt clean. A debtor is able to garner much better waives off in this case than debt settlement, but then it is mandatory that the debtor pays back the reworked amount in one go.

~ Loan consolidation– generally a debtor takes on more than one debt at a time. When he is unable to pay back any of his loans completely, it is advisable that he moves his high interest loans to a the low interest ones, so that he has to pay a lower amount on interest on the rest of his outstanding. That apart this option also facilitates only one payment each month (since all his loans reduced to a single loan), and also does away with the hassles of remembering the payment dates for each and every debt.

It is advisable therefore, for a debtor to ponder over on all the options before choosing the one which suits him best

Debt Settlement Solutions

Debt Settlement Solutions

Debt Settlement Solutions

debt settlement solutions

There are times, when a person finds himself neck deep in debt and is unable to pay it back. There could be various reasons for the same. Unforeseen calamities, loss of the job, recession or even falling health can have its repercussions on the financial status of person.

Though it is the creditors’ legal right to receive back the principal lent, along with the interest and later fees, in case the debtor has faulted on the payment, there are occasions when their financial position just not allow them to pay back the debt. If the creditors keeping on issuing reminders and threaten of legal consequences, it might have little effect on the debtor, since he in any case would be unable to pay back irrespective of such reminders. To do away with that, debt settlement solutions are brought forth, so that the position of the debtor and the creditor is eased to a certain extent.

Debt settlement solutions, which is another name of debt negotiations, are generally the most cost effective way of paying back the debt, for the debtor. This measure also helps one to do away with filing for bankruptcy. With the help of debt settlement solutions, the debtor is able to get waive off on his outstanding which generally ranges anything between 40 to 60 %. This solution becomes all the more effective just in case the debtor does not have collateral for a mortgage loan, and is also unable to get his debt consolidated.

Debt settlement solutions not only helps one to get a waiver on his current outstanding, but may also get a waiver on the late fees and a reduction in the interest rates. By adhering to such a measure, one is not only able to become debt free in a relatively shorter span of time, but is also able to do away with the dent that filing for bankruptcy would bring forth, in the financial credibility of the debtor.

Besides them, debt settlement solutions also help the debtors to do away with unfair practices that the creditors may use to collect the outstanding. Avoidance of lawsuits and elimination of certain extra charges that the creditor may be charged by the debtor, on account of non payment of his dues are also nullified by such an agreement.

Debt Settlement Help

Debt Settlement Help

Debt Settlement Help

debt settlement help

With the fast moving economy people are getting into debt easily and are being unable to come out of it. To meet the various requirements and luxuries of life they take huge amounts of loan and thereafter find themselves in a position of not being able to pay those off easily. They encounter this problem mainly because of the system of credit cards. As we are using a card and not cash we do not understand the amount we are spending at a particular time. This is the time when a person gets debt struck and needs debt settlement help.

Debt settlement help is nothing but being able to negotiate with the creditor regarding the debt amount. It is an aggressive approach towards settlement of one’s debt. When a person has accumulated almost the entire principle amount of paying off the debt, the creditor demands the interest rate as well. This is the time when the debtor looks for debt settlement. But one should remember this, that debt settlement always takes place on the principle amount and not the interest rate of the loan. This is not a very expensive way but this does not work with all the debtors.

Debt settlement help involves dealing with the creditor on behalf of the debtor on the loan amount. Negotiating with the creditor successfully requires expertise. Debt settlement is not an easy task to accomplish. One should be very careful while hiring any company for the debt settlement .The company should offer solutions like debt consolidation, credit counselling and asset liquidation for debt settlement. This process is generally undertaken for solving credit card debt problems. When a person accumulates a huge amount of interest on the credit card, then he resorts to speak to the credit card company for lowering the interest rate in order to be able to settle the debt. The company in turn often gives consideration to the cases that are in a state to resolve to bankruptcy, and lower the interest rates for them only.

A debt settlement programme helps a person to resolve various kinds of financial issues which may result due to causes like loss of job, death, divorce, lowering of salary and many such cases. A debt settlement company takes into consideration such factors and helps the debtor to settle the debt and stay away from facing financial embarrassment.

Settlement Debt Relief

Settlement Debt Relief

Settlement Debt Relief

settlement debt relief

If you are caught under heavy debt then one of the few steps that you can take to come out is to opt for settlement debt relief. Through debt settlement one can literally reduce their debts into half. The process that one has to go through is also very simple. One starts with negotiating with the company and when they are agreed then chances are that your reduction in debt can be around fifty percent.  The company generally does it by waving off extra charges from your loan amount like fees, late fees charges, interest that is accumulated throughout the period etc. Since this method requires negotiation it would be best if a person hires a debt settlement company or professional debt settlement manager with proven experience.

The negotiator will communicate about the debtor’s adverse situation to the credit company and negotiate a deal on debtor’s behalf. And also maintain all communications with the credit company on your behalf. With a successful negotiation debts can be settled for around 50%- 60% of their original debt amount. But it is mandatory that the credit company should believe firmly that the debtor will not be in a position to pay more money and is going to file for bankruptcy. So the debtor can stop paying monthly installments to the credit company till the whole debt settlement process is going on. With a successful settlement debt relief you will be capable of paying the rest of the debt at a comparatively low interest and will be able to get rid of the same in a matter of few years.

It’s a win- win situation for both the parties involved. Creditor is happy as his debt is being repaid and the debtor is happy as he is getting a chance to settle his debts with pride and at a lower interest. The best part of settlement debt relief is that there is no ill effect on the credit score in the long term. Opting for debt relief through settlement is a good option. It is considered a legal option than filing for bankruptcy and is feasible for people who are on the verge of going bankrupt. Other than this option there are many solutions for getting free of debt so it would be the best option to go to a debt settlement company for getting the best suitable option for you.