Yes, maybe there was a time before you were grasping for debt solutions, where using your credit card was still okay. Now, if you are deep in debt…then no matter what your reasons are, you should stay away. Here are some of the popular myths behind using your credit card:

“I’m a lot safer without cash in my pocket”

First of all, a violent robber has no idea whether you have credit card or cash in your pocket. So if some bearded sociopath accosts you in an alley, you are better off throwing a bunch of ones at his feet and running then kindly explaining to him you have problems and need debt solutions, and would he mind accompanying you to the nearest B of A?

“I just don’t like carrying cash because it’s not convenient,”

This one is true! But more convenient for what? For debt solutions? Nope! More convenient for SPENDING. Which is the last thing you want to be doing. Credit cards also take longer if you count the transaction time so in some ways, its NOT convenient. And you need the change for meters.

“I can’t keep track of my spending if I don’t use my card”

False! Actually when you have a bunch of little charges adding up on a seemingly endless line of credit, you are less likely to pursue true debt solutions. And more likely to just IGNORE the huge bill you get at the end of the month. it’s like anything else. If you weigh yourself EVERY DAY, you are more likely to lose weight than if you weigh yourself at the end of the month.

“My Credit card company gives me rewards..”

And there’s a reason for that! They are the last people on earth who want you to realize debt solutions. They create these programs in a scientific way to sucker people into lousy spending patterns. Not to mention that if you are in debt, you are most likely not getting much more than two percent in rewards…which is negligible at best.

So what should we take away? Credit cards have their role in society, but when it’s time to pull yourself up by your boot straps and seek real debt solutions, it pays to not get too friendly with the plastic.

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