A Close Look at Debt Solutions and Why we HATE DEBT SETTLEMENT COMPANIES

Now someone on a a debt settlement company’s blog, might be surprised by this statement. That’s because they are used to these blogs constantly promoting debt settlement as “the only option.”

The truth is, our industry is full of companies that hurt the consumer tremendously.

The recent FTC guidelines have helped drive some of these snake-oil salesman underground, but many of them persist– Having hidden under the umbrella of a legal office, or some other front.

We take our TASC accreditation very seriously. Every TASC-accredited member is expected to ACTIVELY HELP THE CONSUMER. Not just “avoid doing things that are illegal,” but actively pursue that which is HELPFUL.

And that’s why we hate most debt settlement companies, because they simply go to incredible lengths to deceive people and force them into making terrible decisions.

So where’s the proof? You may be asking. It’s all around you.

For one, there are a number of companies that simply have no selection process around debt solutions. They are giant “processing plants,” that corral as many people in as possible, and don’t bother vetting their clients. That’s problematic because if you are still fully capable of handling your debt load, debt settlement IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU. It’s that simple.

Settlement is part of a group of debt solutions for people who honestly can’t pay, not for people who want to get out of their obligations “JUST ‘CUS.”

We hate companies that sneak in some “legal fees,” right at the start. Now this is mostly illegal, but some attorney-based companies still find a way to swindle you out of your money before they show you results. We give all of these companies a dare: If you really believe that your client will be successful, we DARE you to stop charging these fees and only accept performance-based fees.

Think about it, if they don’t get paid based on their performance, what is their incentive to do well?

Before acting, you need to spend a long time thinking about whether settlement debt solutions are right for you. Please contact us if you need any help.

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